Welcome to Slayer Investments!

We’re a locally-owned, internationally active firm dedicated to finding money-making opportunities for you, and for us!

Why Slayer Investments?

Because the world of economic opportunity plays by our rules – the rules we made, while slaying vampires:

  • Get in fast, and get out before it’s too late.
  • Players make money, suckers get staked.
  • It takes a lot of bodies underfoot to build your legacy (or pyramid).

Would you like to:

  • Take advantage of proven money-making methods?
  • Laugh at your neighbor heading off to his hour-long commute and desk job?
  • Get in now, and make money off people who get in later?

Then Slayer Investments is right for you. To learn more, email Eugene at eugenetvs1@gmail.com. Attach a vampire snuff video and get 10% off!




{Attention Vampires! We would love to have your address. No, not your email – we mean your city, state and street address. Did you know there is a proven connection between us learning your address and temporarily depressed property values? Try us, we have a tried-and-proven method to generate real estate flipping opportunities for our human clients. Just drop us a line at eugenetvs1@gmail.com and include your street address, city, state and zip, along with any helpful personal information—height, weight, hair color and length, gait, strong hand, soft spot, dietary restrictions, daily routine, etc.}`

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